Integrity is the most important element in our business model, and the principle on which Indo Aero Semesta was founded. We pride ourselves in earning our customers’ trust and commit our efforts to keeping it.

Dependability Valuable business dollars and the hard-earned livelihoods of our corporate and agricultural clients demand reliability. Every component that comes into our shop receives our highest level of attention and service, which ensures the quality and timeliness our customers expect.

PT. Indo Aero Semesta is cooperating braid cooperation with private operator of air transport in Indonesia for the execution maintenance of pneumatic and electrical component which during this time the operator always send for maintenance to overseas repair station.

Our Main Capability

PT. Indo Aero Semesta has capabilities to Test, Overhaul, and Repair hydraulic aircraft components for Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed, LearJet, and many others. Some of the component types include, but are not limited to Hydraulic Pumps, Motor Pumps, Actuators, Valves, Reservoirs, and others.


Landing Gear Component

Repair and overhaul landing gear, wheels, brakes, and accessories for forty-three different types and subtypes of commercial and military aircraft. Our services span piece-part level repairs, actuation systems, accessories, and, of course, complete landing gear systems.

Hydraulic Component

We can overhaul and repair capabilities on a variety of retraction actuators, accumulators, reservoirs, pressure relief and steering control valves for various commuter regional aircraft..

Pneumatic Component

Designed to meet the quality requirements of the aviation industry, our advanced suite of equipment, test stands and vacuum chambers, allow us to diagnose and repair pneumatic systems to the standards established by OEM.

Electrical Component

Equipped to provide top-rate MRO service, our electrical shop utilizes state of the art test stands and equipment to ensure the highest level of safety and component performance.


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