Ahmad Dayari, SE.

Accountable Manager

To follow up the economic policy of Indonesia and to increase the economic society by provide the new era of employment to lessen the increase unemployment this time. To reach the desire and even greater user of air transportation in Indonesia which at the same times the requirement of appliance of air transportation will be also progressively increased. And the service of air transportation will be more required with caused to open the new era of employment. It is urgently to know that the entrepreneur of air transportation service will be more choosing the type of B737 plane. Because this type is the most compatible to the environment of Indonesia, which consist of the islands spread from Sabang to Merauke.

By background of the above we can draw conclusion:

  • There are many air transportation companies in Indonesia.
  • The type of B737 is more interested by transport operator.
  • The lack of competition in service of aircraft maintenance.
  • Aircraft component maintenance is conducted by out repair station abroad.

By the above mention background, PT. Indo Aero Semesta was established and performing the maintenance of aircraft component with specialization of pneumatic component, Support by several facilities:

  • Housing and Facility.
  • Qualified Personal.
  • Tools and Test Equipment.
  • Break Down Parts.
  • Maintenance Records.
  • Maintenance Procedure.
  • Technical Publication ( Component Maintenance Manual ).

PT. Indo Aero Semesta get Approval from the Authority of Directorate General of Air Communications, through Sub Directorate General of Airworthiness Certification, Department of Transportation Republic Indonesia with the authentic certificate of DGCA No: 145/57700/2, date 12 November 2005 as Approved Maintenance Organization and Term Approval from Indonesian Air Force Head Quarters Flying And Working Safety Agency no: SLAIK/126-FJ/MK/II/2006/Dislambangjaau.

what we can do

Overhaul Component

Ensures the aircraft component is in complete conformity with the applicable equipment manufacturer's instructions for continued airworthiness, or in the data which is approved or accepted by the Authority.

Repair Component

Consist of determining the cause of the failure and replacing those internal parts that failed and replaced with a new part in accordance with the component manufacturers maintenance manuals (CMM) .

Test Component

Ensure the aircraft component for best condition with various parameters from the temperatures of specific components to the speed of the engines.

Maintenance Component

Bringing unserviceable components of the operator’s aircraft into a serviceable (airworthy) condition comply with the airworthiness requirements of the operator’s authority and are in accordance with vendor or manufacturer requirements or the relevant Component Maintenance Manual (CMM).